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  • Ian Gasmen
    Ian Gasmen

    Pls vote twice on tta

  • jud

    Most underrated Time to Twice series. The script is really well written

  • Charise Ann Verzosa
    Charise Ann Verzosa

    Composer Kim is a killer😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • katumado perfect
    katumado perfect

    Dahyun en estos juegos es muy buena yo tampoco sospechaba de ella hasta ahora tiene mis respetos

  • TwiceNeedsSomeMilk

    TF 💀💀💀

  • EthicalizardsGaming

    5:20 the kim war

  • Wided Ammar
    Wided Ammar

    I just finished all the TTT Crime Scenes episodes .I really didn't expect Dahyun to be the killer . I had so much fun

  • Kalie Panzenboeck
    Kalie Panzenboeck

    I honestly thought it was President Park 100%

  • Sub 2me
    Sub 2me


  • Meowzilla

    Ppl I need 6:51 on repeat-

  • Meowzilla

    I like imagining if I was in their shoes, what would I do. And the bloody handkerchief keeps coming up and I keep telling myself that "I had my period but the toilet paper in the cubicle was all gone so i had to use my handkerchief-"

  • safiah maisarah
    safiah maisarah

    can someone tell me what song at the end of this video please 🥺 im new once 🥺

    • safiah maisarah
      safiah maisarah

      @Emilee Castillo thanks!!!!!

    • Emilee Castillo
      Emilee Castillo

      Go hard

  • Camila Tapia
    Camila Tapia

    Sospechaba más de jihyo que de dahyun. Así quede cuando descubrí que dahyun era 🤡

  • Rubi Mori
    Rubi Mori

    Noooo wn pense que era jihyo nmms me estafaron 🤣😂

  • Abigail Lilly
    Abigail Lilly

    I'm just searching jeongyeon here in the video and even in the comments

  • Mak Cik Beli Berus
    Mak Cik Beli Berus

    Chae roarr is just too cute😭✨

  • ぽじしょん

    4:27 SANA’s “nae anirago” looks like Yena's “nae anirago” same tone. (IZ*ONE panorama MAFIA GAME)

  • KagsLevi Tae
    KagsLevi Tae

    When you knew who it was from the beginning: *proud af*

  • Celyta06 Maharani
    Celyta06 Maharani

    인도네시아어 자막을 볼 수 있습니까? 읽기 쉽도록 😊

  • K-Chyx

    Start of every episode... Momo: *SCREAM* Jihyo: OPPAAAAA ㅠㅠ

  • One&Only

    I suspected Sana all along, the killer did amazing haha

  • Chaeryy

    Lmao I was so sure it was mina😭

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh

    the killer was awarded because nobody voted her AND she survived till the last round ofc-


    Fangirl over twice 👇

  • 琴音.

    ちょっと前までこういう動画見てなかったけど 見てよかった!w

  • _jatty_ 09
    _jatty_ 09

    Just now I realized their background music is “Queen” which was composed by Dahyun who plays here as composer and the Killer🤣🤣😂 isn’t it a hint??

  • chanel 2
    chanel 2

    Así quedé cuando dijeron que era dahyun 👁️👄👁️jsjsjsj

  • annemieke

    This is an masterpiece

  • byullie


  • Alyssa Valentina
    Alyssa Valentina

    Dahyun was so calm and not confront other so that’s why they fooled by her. The evidance (note book and receipt they already got from the first time)

  • Jacob Benjamin
    Jacob Benjamin

    If this was ToS, Nayeon's role would've been Jester.


    actually the answer is on thumbnail=))) Dahyun is the only one does not appear on the thumbnail=)))

  • kiki, im like TT
    kiki, im like TT

    pls i just love dahyun so much you dont understand

  • Kuya Eb
    Kuya Eb

    Anyone also get to watch the Line driver ad?

  • 유희주

    언니 왜그랬어요 ㅠ.ㅠ 힝 ㅠ.ㅠ

    • Once_트와이스

      ㅠㅠㅠ안냐세염 저도 트와이스영상 올리는데 구독 부탁할게욧!

  • james

    They had hella evidence, what seems like a endless amount of changes and the ones who got arrested could still help and 2 people got arrested in the first round........ plot armor

  • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
    MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    Jihyo at the end is so funny omg xD Also can't wait for a 2nd season of this!

  • Annalyn Lacson
    Annalyn Lacson

    Waiting for the season 2 with jeongyeon 😊😊😊 Nice acting twice 👌👌👌

  • Siti Nur 'Aisyah
    Siti Nur 'Aisyah

    Dahyun acting need a round of applause👏👏👏 I never thought it was her since ep 1, Anyway Need Time To Twice Crime scence season 2!!!!

  • Yallow

    Sana and Jihyo is so done with Nayeon accusing everyone and got voted off 😂😂

  • LiveHappily kekeke
    LiveHappily kekeke

    JIHYO at the end hahahahahaha

  • LiveHappily kekeke
    LiveHappily kekeke

    Hahahaha it was Dahyun, I really thought it was Sana 😂

  • stan twice kim dahyun forever
    stan twice kim dahyun forever

    dahyun is the only killer looks happy hahahha

  • Irvin Carl
    Irvin Carl

    The culprit has the lesser evidence

  • Christopher Galapin
    Christopher Galapin

    i knew it was Dahyun lol she was sus the first episode she was great shifting the sus tho, they voted out A LOT of innocent ppl LOL

  • Kia Bernardo
    Kia Bernardo

    I knew it, she's sus hhhhhhhhh

  • mango blob
    mango blob

    my head is spinning while reading the subtitles lmao I gotta read fast

  • Frost boyZ
    Frost boyZ

    1:06 so cute😂😂

  • L L.
    L L.

    가짜인 걸 알지만 예능으로 보기엔 내용이 너무 잔인하고 무섭더라ㅠㅠ 그리고 이런 컨텐츠 제작에 쏟아붓던 그 정성의 반이라도 애들 실력이나 좀 신경써줬으면

  • MoArmy Victory
    MoArmy Victory

    Kim dahyun the real queen :D

  • Jazlina NJ
    Jazlina NJ

    When twice very into the game(among us) Then Dubu was the imposter * pls ignore my accent

  • The Musical Gerbil
    The Musical Gerbil

    Looking back, you have to admit Dahyun did a great job at avoiding suspicion, always avoiding the evidence that incriminated her and shifting attention away from herself. Even before the SNS post was brought up she mentioned that the culprits are usually close to the victim, i.e. not her. I also wonder if she voted for Jeongyeon so early on to try and eliminate her because she knew she was one of the most likely to figure her out, lol. I admit, I didn't really suspect Dahyun because it just seemed too obvious for the composer of "Death" to actually be the killer, and her motive seemed a bit extreme and far fetched, lol. I'm still shocked that Jihyo was so suspicious the whole time and yet she never got a single vote XD

  • Multi Fandom
    Multi Fandom

    This is like among us But TWICE version 😂❤️

  • MMMarlen O_S
    MMMarlen O_S

    Estos episodios me tenían mas ansiosa que una película de misterio...

  • You_nice Keep_going1
    You_nice Keep_going1

    What is the name of the song in 13:29

    • Emilee Castillo
      Emilee Castillo


  • ·ᴗ·똥

    미나 왜케 심수련 같지 분위기가 비슷해

  • Princess April Capindo
    Princess April Capindo

    That part when Dahyun vote herself lol😂😂

  • Princess April Capindo
    Princess April Capindo

    Queen Dahyun so smart❤️

  • chaeyeon uwu
    chaeyeon uwu

    Cada vez me enamoro mas 😔🤙🏻

  • bee_is_not_hard_worker

    Я была действительно удивлена, что Дахён оказалась "убийцей", я до последнего верила что "та не, это не она"

  • Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert
    Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert

    When they said Nayeon wasn't the killer, I've never been so confused in my life. 😂😂

  • Aaliyah Beasley
    Aaliyah Beasley

    Why did chaeyoung scream like that when they revealed the killer

  • Aaliyah Gupta
    Aaliyah Gupta

    Nayeon really gives CEO vibes

  • ZEZE 생명
    ZEZE 생명

    Jeongyeon never changed her mind that Composer Kim is the killer even if they found new evidences against other members. She's really smart. Give her an award

    • Si_ Mutifandom _ch_
      Si_ Mutifandom _ch_

      FR (with Mina)

  • Cheryl Leong
    Cheryl Leong

    why I thought is mina

  • BomBaramBoram o
    BomBaramBoram o

    hehe Queen indeed, killer Queen😆

  • mina myoui
    mina myoui

    I love you jeongyeon

  • Mechaella jhoanna Costillas
    Mechaella jhoanna Costillas


  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park


  • Jhonalyn Costillas
    Jhonalyn Costillas


  • K L
    K L

    18:05 jihyo so cute 😂😍

  • Ricardo Prayugo
    Ricardo Prayugo

    Its so fun watching this

  • Caitlin Annan
    Caitlin Annan

    The way Jeongyeon moved away from Dahyun

  • DeadFish

    WE NEED SEASON 2 ( pout angry face emoji)

  • K.A.I

    This was by far the best TTT so far

  • no lo cambies puto
    no lo cambies puto

    Les juro que pensé que era jihyo

  • krizza mhae
    krizza mhae


  • cheeseu kimbab
    cheeseu kimbab

    Usually i always see comment when watch video . But not for this video afraid there's a spoiler who the killer of na gasu

  • cherrypearl

    Can anyone tell me whats the song they are playing behind?

    • White Wolf
      White Wolf

      At the beginning? Queen - Twice.

  • mamamo panot
    mamamo panot

    10:31 cute!!!

  • Filo F
    Filo F

    Jeongyeon y love uuuuu 😭😭

  • Faith Pamintuan
    Faith Pamintuan

    Tzuyu is clapiing so cute baby


    Nenhum Onde legendou em Português-br 💔 vocês são tão mal tô esperei 1 mês pra ver se achava os EP legendado 😂💔 estou queimando meu cérebro pra tentar entender o espanhol 😭

  • Nico A
    Nico A

    This one and the School one was SOOO Funny! My favs!

  • kim jisoo
    kim jisoo


  • Entertain me
    Entertain me

    Just a show,you are a queeennnn(DAHYUN)-💕💕💕

  • Izzah Yasmin Aiman
    Izzah Yasmin Aiman

    TWICE : ROARRR!!!!! Tzuyu : *cutely clapping her hands

  • dani

    i've been so busy lately and only just now have the time to sit down and watch TTT and i got spoilers on the killer by the comment section 😭😭😭

  • rzl her
    rzl her

    I thought the killer would be jihyo so the message of these whole series is *"fans can be really scary"* like what happen these days 🌚🔪

  • jann manolet magat
    jann manolet magat

  • Tofu Dahyun
    Tofu Dahyun

    JYP needs to let Dahyun debut as an actress😩😭😭😭

  • Rosi Correa
    Rosi Correa

    Poderia ter legenda em português ;-;

  • Solasta02

    Dahyun lasted pretty long

  • Solasta02

    Looks like I guessed wrong 🥺😅

  • To Feel Good Stan Daehyeon
    To Feel Good Stan Daehyeon

    😂😂 I realized after 5 min that I was watching this ep. Without subs and with intense face until my mom interrupted "so you can understand them?" Lol I was so I was so into this series I could actually understand what they are saying 🤧😂.

  • To Feel Good Stan Daehyeon
    To Feel Good Stan Daehyeon

    Lol I already knew Dahyun was the killer 😂😂

  • NiShYu

    i was soo sure that Jihyo did it, but changed my opinion to Mina's when she kept picking Dahyun! Mina is smart, i'd always listen to her. But i feel bad for Jeongyeon, who kept accusing Dahyun from the beginning!

  • Wendy Bangi
    Wendy Bangi

    12:47 the way they are screaming hahahah

  • Phi Dinh
    Phi Dinh

    @12:38 the tzuyu clappin the whole time . Im dying i dont know why😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phi Dinh
    Phi Dinh

    @9:09 havent seen sana this serious since in sixteen when she yelled at dayhun😂😂